December 08, 2008: Top ten reasons to get into Running

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1. Lose weight
Running gives your body a complete cardiovascular workout. This is most effective in losing weight – particularly in the waist and hips area. In fact, after you start running, you will start to shed inches from these areas. Lot of people take up running just for the sake of losing weight and stay with it because of the other benefits they receive.

2. Relieve stress
Your body will get into its own rhythm while running and the fresh breeze of air flowing against your face will send you in a different state of mind. Running helps to relieve stress and is in fact suggested by some experts as a cure for depression. While your body is concentrating on the run itself, your mind is in a relaxed state and looking for solutions. You will find that you get a lot of answers about your current issues while the mind is in a relaxed state. Serenity brings peace and relieves stress.

3. Connect with nature
Running will take you to the most beautiful parts of the world and give your eyes a feast of the scenic beauty around. Even if you run outside once a week, you can pick a different route every week to enjoy the beauty of nature. Just as the road seems different when you drive on the same road while coming and going, it will seem different when you are running. Running will connect you to the natural beauty around you, which you will not be able to identify while driving.

4. Delay Aging
Research has shown that the pace of aging depends on the level of physical activity. Regular physical activity such as running delays the aging and the age related changes in the nervous system - in particular - the reaction time.

5. Fight disease
Running is said to reduce heart attack risks by strengthening the heart and lowering the blood pressure. Running also produces a stronger cardiovascular system and lowers cholesterol.

6. Increase social connections
Lot of running groups are available – many through your local running store and some through other running organizations. After you join one of this groups, you will meet a lot of runners who are passionate about the sport and increase your social connections.

7. Travel to different places
If you like to travel to different places, you are in for a real adventure. Running will take you to a lot of places. You can explore new places either during your training runs or your races. If you enjoy traveling, you can run a race in a different state or even run races in different countries.

8. Build confidence
Running builds a lot of confidence in people. If you lose weight by running, it boosts your confidence and increases your self-esteem. You are willing to run the extra mile the next week – not only in running but also in other aspects of life. If you look at what you have achieved when you first started running and compare it to where you currently are, you will have an increased amount of self-confidence.

9. Runners high
Ever heard of the famous runners high? It is pleasant state of euphoria achieved by runners. It is most commonly experienced during distance runs, which are a test of endurance. When the body is pushed to its limits in endurance runs, it produces endorphins to alleviate pain. These endorphins have different effect on different people – but they mainly send the body to a euphoric state.

10. Improve self
Running teaches about focus and determination. If you start running and building up on your runs every week to get into distance running, you will need a lot of determination and focus to run the last few miles. Increasing the mileage every week contributes to your focus and helps in improving one’s own self – it benefits the body, mind and the soul. Thank you for reading! I hope I have inspired you to become a runner. If you are serious to get started in your journey of running, then Running: From Beginner to 5K is the perfect way to get started. This e-book was created by me to answer all the basic questions that a beginner has when he wants to start running. I am so confident that you will enjoy the e-book that I will offer you a 100% guarantee – if you don’t like the book, you can return it with in 30 days and get your money back. No questions asked.


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I agree completely, everything that I feel when I run is described here, although the thrill you get from not listening to any part of your body and just cutting loose and sprinting for no apparent reason is my favorite feeling ever.
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